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Because I was feeling a bit ambivalent about the top two posts on my DW being my trope meme results and my kink meme ones, I thought I would actually make a post. I am so excited about Yuletide! I don't think I have actually been this excited about it before, but this time I've had time to think really hard about all of my offers and read all of the letters that have been going up and I have a private "treats" post saved already. *_________*

A friend bought me Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for my birthday. I had avoided it for years, mostly out of a vague and rather unfair irritation with how many people kept telling me to read it when it first came out, but because it was a birthday gift I felt compelled to at least give it a go. Also I read some bloody good Jonathan/Arabella fic and basically all it takes to convert me to a fandom is wave the ladies at me and go "look how cute" and I am done for. And I'm really enjoying it! I was very dubious for the first third of the book because I don't care about Norrell in the slightest, but then Arabella and Lady Pole and Stephen Black and the gentleman with the thistle-down hair appeared and my heart changed entirely! 

It is, however, a very heavy book to read when one is commuting. 

I thought about offering it as a Yuletide fandom but I don't feel entirely confident in my ability to get the tone and language right, so I may just do some treats if I see a letter that pickles me.

Once I'm finished with that, I'm not entirely sure what I will read next. My phone has a long list of recommendations gleaned from friends over tea and I've actually managed to block off three of my windows with towers of unread books. I have Carry On ready to go on my kindle, but I suspect I should probably start reducing the actual book towers a little bit before Christmas and the next influx of books. It is very difficult. I keep trying to make reading into work for myself. 

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