Oct. 19th, 2014

antediluvian: (hey i'm happy here)
As I write this letter, I can see my assignment has already gone out as a pinch hit - so thank you thank you thank you, whoever claims it! <3 I can basically guarantee you I will be happy with anything you write me. I am the most gluttonous consumer of fics.

And I am notoriously bad at writing letters, forgive me.

Fandom by fandom, but in no particular order...

The Demon's Lexicon )

The Lynburn Legacy )

October Daye )

The Walking Dead )

Howl series )

Orange Is The New Black )

More generally, and taken from last year's letter:
I like stories which combine everyday and mundane things with elements of the epic or extraordinary. I like elements stolen from myths and fairytales. I like families, blood or found. I love everyday fics, with pyjamas and domesticity. I love magic in daily life.

Any rating is fine, from gen to filthy filthy porn, but I don't like non-con or humiliation. I do like examination of the power dynamics between characters. I don't like character-bashing or OOC.

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