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I just finished watching Teen Wolf sx23 and I'm so angry. I was spoilered for the big dramatic thing at the end but that doesn't stop me being pretty furious about it. I'm going to cut, here, just in case I spoil someone but I'm really, really disappointed that they decided to kill Allison off. Especially given that when Colton Haynes left the show they decided to write Jackson out in such a way that he could return whenever Colton wanted.

Of course, given that the show is supernatural, there's no reason that the dead can't come back... but it feels very final. It's hard not to feel like they just decided to dump a character who was unpopular with Twitteridiots (#killAllison infuriated me), now that she's no longer Scott's central romantic interest. And it also makes me a little edgy and uncomfortable that Crystal Reed dated Daniel Sharman and has occasionally mentioned/been critical about the "Boys' Club" elements of the behind-the-scenes cast culture, and now her character is killed off. This is almost certainly reading too much into it, but the whole thing makes me disappointed and angry.

I feel especially wary having been horrifically burned by Supernatural's high female body count and incessant pandering to the huge misogynist element of its fanbase. I really don't want to worry about Teen Wolf going the same way, especially when it has so many good things there. ;_;
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