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As I write this letter, I can see my assignment has already gone out as a pinch hit - so thank you thank you thank you, whoever claims it! <3 I can basically guarantee you I will be happy with anything you write me. I am the most gluttonous consumer of fics.

And I am notoriously bad at writing letters, forgive me.

Fandom by fandom, but in no particular order...

The Demon's Lexicon
“I’m not really the issuing commands type,” Jamie said.

“Mae can tell me what to do,” Nick observed.

There might be a hint of wistfulness beneath the impassivity there, Jamie thought, and wondered if Nick had a demonic version of a crush on his sister because she was bossier than God.

God I love this pairing. That said, if Nick/Mae is not your cup of tea, I would be perfectly happy with gen Nick and Mae hanging out, arguing, AU at war with each other, anything you can give me. I'm a sucker for headstrong stubborn people and the immortal terrifyingly powerful entities that love them are weirdly fixated on them. I would be particularly interested in seeing the world that they're building for themselves post-series, what it means for Mae to be the leader of the Goblin Market now.

I really love Mae's utter refusal to lose herself, especially to Nick, and Nick's frustration with not being able to understand her or what she wanted. Some of my favourite scenes with them are when Nick gilds her with light in TDS as she walks through the market, or the little extra bit SRB wrote of one of their first dates.

It doesn't necessarily need to be Nick or Mae POV either. I would be really happy to see them together from someone else's perspective. I think that sometimes offers a really interesting way to perceive something.

The Lynburn Legacy
Holly and Angela both broke my heart a little bit, because they're both gorgeous, strong, and terribly vulnerable in their own ways. They have both had to deal with people making assumptions about them because of their looks, and both of them are hurt and try to guard themselves in different ways after Angela initially makes a move on Holly. I love the fact that they sort it out, that Holly figures out what she wants - and that it takes her time to do that - and that tiny domestic bit where Holly strokes Angela's hair at the end.

Anything you wrote with these two would be delightful. It can be a mid-series snapshot, before or after they get together, or it can be post-series. It can be years and years down the line, a possible future for them. It can take advantage of those snippets SRB posted of futures in the Lynburn Legacy world, which look positively terrifying and apocalyptic.

It can focus entirely on them, or have appearances from the other characters in it. I love everyone in this series. I would still like the two of them to be the main focus, however.

And I should add: if you want to write fix-it fic where Rusty is alive too, that is fine with me. I also don't mind if you leave him dead. But I would ask that whatever you write doesn't focus entirely on Angela's pain over Rusty's death. Sibling death is something I find really, really upsetting and I cried a lot when I read Unmade. Having it as a small feature is fine, but please no angstfic on this particularly topic.

October Daye series
I couldn't pick particular characters to request for this, because I would genuinely love to see a closer look at any of the characters from the series. I love the combination of faeries, magic and domesticity that Seanan McGuire pulled off. Everyday magic in the world is one of my favourite things.

I would love to see something more about Quentin and the Luidaeg's weird friendship. Or anything with Quentin generally. His character arc is one of my favourites. I would love to see him at his human high school, or his growing friendship with Raj.

Sylvester and Luna's relationship is terribly interesting to me as well. I loved Sylvester at the beginning of the series but he and Luna are starting to feel more and more ominous to me. I think it would be interesting to read something about them that is not from Toby's perspective, necessarily. It seems as though the older fae have a lot of trouble retaining any kind of moral code or empathy, with the exception possibly of the Luidaeig.

May and Toby delight me. I love that May has acquired her own life and a raven girlfriend. May and Jazz would also therefore be completely delightful to me. I would love to see some of their adventures, or even just everyday fic.

Karen and Cassandra are also very interesting. Fae university students offer me so much joy, you have no idea. And I think Karen's power is really interesting and I would love to read something about the perspective her oneiromancy gives her over other characters.

And finally, the cait sidhe. I love that the court is quite vicious and hierarchical, but that they're also all extremely lazy and quite disobedient. I adore Raj and his Hob girlfriend Helen, and I liked his immediate acquisition of her after Blind Michael. Also, argumentative canon couples make me incredibly happy.

And I ship the hell out of Tybalt/Toby.

The Walking Dead video games
TWD games are the games I didn't know I wanted to play until I played them. As of writing this, I am not yet up-to-date, but I intend to be by Christmas so please don't worry about spoilers.

I would like Clementine fic, to see what happens to her in the space between season 1 and season 2. I felt like Lee was such an important force in her life through season 1 and by season 2 she has had to grow up so much and become so self-sufficient... it would be interesting to see that growth, that journey.

I also loved Christa and Omid, and would love to see the events of season 1 from their perspectives, or what their lives were like before or after season 1, before season 2 kicks off.

If neither of these tickle you, please feel free to cook up your own thing. Zombie apocalypse stories delight me. I find the beginnings interesting, love the found family aspects of it, and I would be interested to see how people gradually start to rebuild lives for themselves. So really, anything here would be good.

Howl series - Diana Wynne Jones
Practical women and alarmingly powerful over-emotional wizards who love them... yes, this series has everything for me. I also really, really love Howl's ridiculous ramshackle castle. I would love to see anything with Howl and Sophie interacting, or fighting, or travelling separately, preferably with long loving descriptions of said ridiculous ramshackle castle or wherever else they are staying in your story. The everyday magic of this series is something near and dear to my heart, as is Sophie's relentless calm efficiency in the face of Howl being ridiculously mad-dog.

I am perfectly happy with fic written from someone else's perspective, as long as it focuses on the two of them. I am also a big fan of fairytales and myths and other stories, so if you are also a fan of these things and wanted to try to weave them in to this world, then that would be perfectly lovely.

Orange Is The New Black
I am almost finished with season 1 at the time of writing this, but intend to be fully up to date by Christmas, so please don't worry about spoilers.

The found family/friendships of OITNB is something that really made me fall in love with this show. I feel as though I am getting to see each woman's story distilled down to its turning points. Some of my favourite characters: Alex Vause, Watson, Daya and her mother, Taystee, Red. I would be happy with stories set in jail, before jail, after jail - any time along their story is fine with me. I also realise not all of these characters are ones that may have been nominated, so please feel free to choose others. There is no prisoner on this show that I dislike. <3

I don't mind the male guards being mentioned, but I would prefer the rape threat aspect of them in the show not to be a focus or key part of the story.

One of the things I love about OITNB is its ability to combine humour and warmth with rip your heart out moments. The humour and warmth, however, is absolutely integral to me. I also like all these glimpses into their lives in prison, from the jobs they get assigned to the prison food. I love everyday detail in this series and would love to see it in the fic as well.

More generally, and taken from last year's letter:
I like stories which combine everyday and mundane things with elements of the epic or extraordinary. I like elements stolen from myths and fairytales. I like families, blood or found. I love everyday fics, with pyjamas and domesticity. I love magic in daily life.

Any rating is fine, from gen to filthy filthy porn, but I don't like non-con or humiliation. I do like examination of the power dynamics between characters. I don't like character-bashing or OOC.

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