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I received a wonderful October Daye fic, A Boisterous Storm , featuring Quentin, the Luidaeg, and a zoo full of animals.

I am slowly reading my way through various other fandoms in the collection and thought I'd keep myself a post/rec post here of the ones I'm enjoying. I will add to it as I go...

The Raven Cycle

maybe we'll kind of get along - Soulbond AU (Blue, all the boys)

“The thing I don’t get, is me and you,” Blue says.

Ronan looks up at her, perched carefully on the edge of Gansey’s bed, and bares his teeth. “You can try and get rid of me if you like,” he says, and she huffs.

“I don’t,” she starts, before cutting herself off, “How can we share this,” she presses her fingers into the mark on her wrist, “when we barely even like each other.

In Your Dreams - explicit (Ronan/Adam)

Adam glared up at him. "You dream too loudly, did you know that? Every time you dream about me. I feel it on the ley line. Like a damn train going by outside my window. Wakes me up, and I need all the sleep I can get."

"Wait, you can – you can tell?" Bad enough that his goddamn stupid crush was written across his face, apparently he was telegraphing his goddamn stupid wet dreams. Suddenly he was no longer grinning.

Third on the List
(Ronan, Blue)

Blue didn't know what she'd expected when Ronan Lynch, a nightmare dressed also like a nightmare, showed up at her front door and said, "I need your help."

- explicit, dreams (Ronan/Adam)

Adam snorted, already losing himself back in declensions. It gave Ronan a chance to crack open his eyes and study him, the long pale throat and thin fingers with the square nails. Those hands had always featured prominently in Ronan's dreams of Adam, along with Adam's voice and the private, quiet smile Adam had sometimes when he thought no one was looking.

Ronan was always looking; that was part of the problem.

The Mummy Series

The Life That's On Your Path - Ardeth
Ardeth does not spend the time following the defeat of Imhotep becoming as domesticated as Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan.

My Mad Fat Diary

for i knew all along you were mine - Finn/Rae/Chloe

He gets it. He wants to tell her he gets it. Rae’s light is so bloody strong, it dazzles you and he thinks that Chloe spends a lot of time just trying to see Rae, to see if Rae likes her. He spends a lot of time just trying to see Rae.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I Am Groot (Groot's Story)

And All The Sisters Virtuous - Gamora, Nebula

Practical Magic

Wish For Holiday Cheer - the Owens sisters

The Children of Dune

In The First Days - Irulan, Ghanima, Leto

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Hi! I saw you over at the Yuletide friending meme. You love Howl! And you like books! It is okay if I add you?

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Is it okay if I add you in return?


And yes, Ghibli fandoms need more love. Especially now that the studio is going under :(. I am very much looking forward to the US release of When Marnie Was There.

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