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Rather belatedly, I wrote numb is an old hat, old as my oldest memories in the Raven Cycle fandom. It was my first time writing for those books and I re-read them all multiple times in the hopes that I wouldn't fuck it up too badly - I'm actually pretty pleased with the result, and my recipient seemed to like it, which is really all that matters! I really enjoyed writing it, in the end, and am hoping to make myself write more in that fandom.

This person wrote a really nice rec for it on Tumblr, and also recs some other gorgeous Raven Cycle fics!

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Date: 2015-01-03 12:51 am (UTC)
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Thanks for linking to the rec - I don't use Tumblr and so I never would have seen the lovely things that person said about the stories I wrote, too!

I loved your story, and would be very happy to beta-read for you if you write anything else in Raven Cycle.

(and on that note, I don't think Adam has a cellphone - it's a plot point that he doesn't - but I don't think it's a big deal!)

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