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All fandom notes may contain spoilers. If you intend to read or watch any of them (and you totally should!), please be warned! I'm happy to copy a particular fandom into a separate post so you can read it without fear of accidentally seeing a spoiler for something else.


Hi my lovely Mystery Yuletide Writer!

First of all, I promise you that I am going to love my gift. I only ever request fandoms that I am deeply excited about, which means I am terribly easy to please because I am just so so delighted to be receiving fic for them. I hope that you also enjoy writing it, so while I have provided some details on the things that make me wiggle with joy, please do feel free to improvise if you have an excellent idea that you’re excited about writing and you think I will enjoy, even if I haven’t specifically asked for it. <3 However, I would prefer it if you didn’t include the things I’ve marked as DNWs.

In general, I prefer fics in third person and both past and present tense are fine. I don’t have any preferences for fic length - whatever you feel suits the story you want to tell. I am also very happy with the 5 things/5 times style of fic if you like doing that type of thing! I don’t mind a little bit of angsty heartpain in my fic, but as it is Yuletide I would like it to have a generally happy ending - whether outright happy resolution, bittersweet positivity, or just generally uplifting. Also please don’t feel obliged to include all the characters I’ve requested - it is fine to pick and choose as suits your ideas. But please don’t include non-canon ships outside of those I mention specifically under each fandom.

I love:
  • found families and families in general; friends being 100% there for each other, guarding each other, backing each other up, even if there are also issues and tension (ESPECIALLY if there are issues and tension)
  • stories which combine everyday and mundane themes with elements of the epic or extraordinary, and elements stolen from myths and fairytales
  • paranormal creatures or themes; eerie, spooky, scary scenes or themes - I'm currently listening to the Black Tapes podcast and this really embodies the sort of half-skeptical/half-accepting/scary shit as half true story and half urban legend I'd love woven in
  • pre-relationship, new relationship, established relationship, and flawed relationships which still work
  • first kisses/makeouts that don’t immediately lead to sex (either by accident or by design)
  • slice of life fics with pyjamas and domesticity, or snug scenes of cosy okayness in between high octane danger and misery (like being in bed in the middle of a storm)
  • sleeping themes like napping, sharing a bed, comforting each other after nightmares, weird sleeping habits etc
  • power dynamics between people - i have a big thing for loyalty kink, and for power shifts between people in a way that is positive for both
  • growing trust and intimacy between people and learning to read them through the tiny everyday minutiae of their lives
  • usually powerful characters being ill or injured and being tended by their friend/partner
  • character-driven stories with a veneer of plot
  • scenery porn (if you love describing things, feel free to give me long loving descriptions of the architecture and natural surroundings even if they are also unremarkable)
  • people being very competent (and other people being into it); people thinking at great length about other people - their hands, their collarbones, their infuriating habits, how tall, how small, how incredibly frustrating.

I don’t like: fic focusing on major character death (during or after); angst without happy endings; dubcon; character bashing; humour fics; a/b/o; knotting; body piercing; misogynistic dirty talk; humiliation kink; characters described as “slutty” or “trash”; cheating on each other; descriptions of hipbones.

I love shipfic, gen and porn and I really do love all three equally, so it is whatever floats your boat! It can be as explicit, non-explicit, or as non-existent as you like. <3 If you do go the porn route, I like enthusiastic consent and I don’t like Character A rushing B before B is ready even when they are consensually going to have sex shortly. If you’re stuck and would like further inspiration, my trope meme results are here and (*ahem*) my kink meme results are over here.

I prefer not to receive crossovers, but I do really love fusion fic if that is also your jam! By which I mean, transplanting characters from Fandom 1 (my Yuletide fandom) into the setting/plot of Fandom 2. I should be familiar with and enjoy the second fandom - I’ve got a list of my fandoms here - and I would love to see any of my Yuletide fandoms fused with them. I’m happy with transplanting characters from Fandom 1 into just the setting of Fandom 2, or actively setting them up in roles in the plot of Fandom 2. Feel free to tweak those roles from their original factory setting too - e.g. If Napoleon Solo is in the Harry Potter role at Hogwarts, his arc doesn’t necessarily have to follow Harry’s. However, what I don’t want is Napoleon Solo going to Hogwarts and meeting Harry Potter.

I also have a special place in my heart for certain AUs, though I like them to interlace the core elements of the original canon. Some AUs I particularly like: university, vampires (either a world with vampires, or one or more characters being vampires), spies, supernatural beings; royalty; sports team ESPECIALLY ROWING CREWS @_@<3

If you want to have a nosy around my online presence, I’m afraid it’s a bit sparse, but I’m antediluvian on AO3 and laserae on Tumblr.

On to the fandoms! I'm happy for other nominated characters to be included from tagsets where I've requested a specific set, as well as any core canon characters who weren't nominated. 

The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan

Characters requested: Mae Crawford, Nick Ryves 

I loved this series because of its blend of magic, fear, humour and practicality. Swords under the sink, necromancer's baubles attacking people at school, the logistics of finding space for the goblin market, etc. I loved Sin and Mae's friendship and the way they complement each other and also that they both clearly admire each other so much; Mae's relationship and all its shifting strange power dynamics with Nick (this kicks off my love of loyalty kink so hard - I love terrifying powerful beings being totally focused on very human humans who refuse to be daunted by them); Sin's relationship with her baby siblings and especially what that means now we know Lydia is a magician. I would love fic which has any of these things in, particularly future fic or missing scenes from the book.

I am happy for any canon pairings to be mentioned (Mae/Nick, Sin/Alan, Seb/Jamie, but would prefer no current Sin/Nick though obviously fine to mention their dalliances of the past!).

Optional prompts:

  • Lydia growing up as a magician in the new Goblin Market, in this new magical world that Sin, Mae and Jamie are forging. I love "society-building" stuff and could quite happily have read another entire trilogy about that.
  • Mae & Nick scenes from the Demon's Surrender - either more detail of the scenes we did get, or any other scenes that occurred off-camera. I would love to see Nick showing up after Mae bashed the necromancer's widget with a fire extinguisher.
  • Sin & Mae dealing with the day-to-day realities of the Market - and the fact that presumably a lot of Circles are terribly threatened by this new order they're forging. I feel like they make a very good team and I would love to see some future fic with that in action. I like the idea of them being terrifyingly capable and gorgeous and standing their ground against all these traditional magicians who really aren't down with the way the girls & Jamie are changing things.
  • Mae/Nick future fic - I feel like there's still a lot to work out between them but honestly I find this pairing hot as fuck and I love that Mae clearly bosses the hell out of Nick and he loves it. I would love to see Mae figuring out how this relationship works for her, and what exactly it means to be dating a demon.
  • The Crawford siblings and their new lives as magical entrepreneurs. Jamie is clearly some kind of political diplomat - what is his life like now? I imagine various unhappy magicians try to assassinate him and Mae at various points and how very thrilling that is for their pet demon.
  • Nick and Lydia spending time together after the series. I really loved that Nick paid attention when Lydia was afraid of him and then him being TERRIFYING about the magicians actually made Lydia idolise him. She is so tiny and fierce and precious to me and I have a secret deep dark desire to see Nick taking care of a small child because despite the fact he is a huge terrifying demon he would probably still be better at it than Mae.

Jupiter Ascending

Characters requested: Kalique Abrasax, Balem Abrasax, Titus Abrasax 

This film was pure and utter id-fic for me and I love it with all of my heart. Flying werewolves with loyalty complexes! Space princesses! BEES! Families! SPACE PRINCESSES! 

I chose the Abrasaxes specifically because they are basically Space Borgias and I love complicated, dynastic, political, messed up families. I really enjoyed that each sibling had their own distinct personality and relationship to Seraphi and Jupiter and I also liked watching their relationships with each other. Titus is the spoiled and much dismissed baby of the family, whereas I feel as though Balem and Kalique had a more adult and politicised relationship. I would love to see fic set at any time - it would be great to see what their lives were like when Seraphi was still alive, or perhaps in the centuries between Seraphi's death and Jupiter's occurrence. I would also be really happy to see canon divergence where Jupiter stays in their lives for longer and how that might affect and change them. 

You can go the gen or shippy path, I don't mind - the thing that I would really love for this is something manipulative and full of power dynamics and political intrigue. Putting smooching in there too is great, but not putting smooching in there is also A+! Abrasax incest is absolutely fine (SPACE BORGIAS) at any time is fine, as is putting any/all of them with Jupiter if it is canon divergent future fic - however if the latter, I would prefer Jupiter to be very much in control (I see her v. much in the femdom role) and also Caine to still be present as her very loyal honour guard. 

It is fine to have Balem have been rescued from his imploding life by someone - but also fine to leave his presumed death as is. Whichever you prefer.

Optional prompts:

  • As one of the Entitled, Kalique has many suitors - but Balem and Titus are profoundly unimpressed by all of them. Perhaps there are some murderous things, perhaps all three Abrasax siblings are involved. Bonus points for including descriptions of Kalique's many gorgeous dresses and all three siblings' sense of showmanship.
  • Future fic from the siblings' perspectives with Jupiter fixing/rebelling against the whole corrupt mess of the Regenex industry - feel free to have her do it as the space princess she is, or as the terrifying hover-rollerblading rebel she could be. I would see Kalique as being somewhat her ally in this and would love lots of terrifying space politics and ridiculous bureaucracy and culturebuilding.
  • Anything - ANYTHING - about the siblings and their relationship and lives after Seraphi's death. Balem and Titus clearly have very little affection for each other, but both seem fond of Kalique - I think that would be interesting to see play out over millennia.
  • Balem somehow survives the events of the film. What is his relationship with his siblings like? Did they rescue him? Do they still have any kind of relationship with Jupiter now? I would love something that gives Balem a chance to unpick a little of the huge tangled knot of fucked-up in his head.
  • Why is Titus so afraid of getting old, when both his siblings seem pretty chill about being grey and wrinkly intermittently?
  • I would love to see the Abrasax family from someone else's POV - what do the Aegis think of them? What is it like living in that world and meeting them? In the movie we see them from Jupiter's perspective and they're as new to her as they are to us, but what are they like from the POV of someone who has always known about them and their history and privilege?


The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Characters requested: Gaby Teller, Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo

MY PRECIOUS SPY BABIES. I truly never thought I'd be in a spy fandom but then I saw this film and then I bullied all of my fandom friends into going to see it (even paypalling for their tickets to overcome ALL OBJECTIONS) and a few months later here we are. 

I love the humour in this film, Gaby Teller's perfect on-point outfits, Ilya and Solo both having entirely too many opinions about those outfits, GABY RUGBY-TACKLING A MASSIVE RUSSIAN AGENT INTO A COUCH, Illya Hulk-smashing Solo's car, Solo being the most ridiculous feline flirt to have ever flirted, their ridiculously beautiful found family OT3 dynamic and the fact that Gaby Teller clearly is the boss of everything ever in the entire world. I love that Illya Kuryakin is the most loyal dog in the world, and Solo is a cat, and Gaby is their tiny queen of everything. I would love to see mission fic with them which utilises their individual strengths while also working out their team dynamic, or more fake marriage stuff, or additional spy training now that they're U.N.C.L.E, or post mission stuff with them blowing off steam. 

I am totally happy for gen which looks at the power dynamics of their team and how they work together, and also happy for you to stick smooching in there too. If you're into shippy stuff, I OT3 the hell out of them - I am also happy with Illya/Gaby as long as it is clear that Solo is an important part of their team and not merely chopped liver. However please do not write me Ilya/Solo without Gaby being in some way heavily involved. Equally, please don't shaft the Solo & Gaby interactions if you are writing Illya/Gaby. I really feel that all three of them are important to each other in different ways and would like that to be clear whatever pairing pickles your fancy.

Just a note: it's fine for characters to use nicknames for each other in speech, but I prefer them not to be used narratively, e.g. please don't refer to Illya as "Peril" as in "Peril looked at Cowboy and shook his head". I also generally prefer Napoleon Solo to be referred to as Solo.

Optional prompts:

  • The team has to attend some deeply political event at some ludicrously moneyed old boy/sexist institution - bonus points for making it a university or college - with lots of loving description of the team's outfits and sniping descriptions of people. If there is violence scattered throughout that would be glorious! I don't mind if it's all three of them there, or one or two, with the others being radio backup.
  • One of them gets hurt, and the other two have to deal with it. I think it would be really interesting to see any combination of two of them responding to one of their team being down and perhaps temporarily out of their reach for whatever reason - either because they're being debriefed by Waverly etc, or because they're being held captive.
  • Gaby (clearly the brains of the outfit) figuring out how to make sure the two cogs of her team work together well, unpicking the mechanics of Ilya's fury and making sure that Solo's ability to be a needling bastard is appropriately deployed rather than used whenever he's bored.

The Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
Characters requested: Helen Gansey

One of the many reasons I adore TRC is its blend of the mythic with the real world, of magic with the mundane. As a fandom I feel it has so much potential for weaving in elements of different legends and stories. I chose to request fic specifically about Helen because I love her as a character - I love that she flies a helicopter, that she is deliberately effeminate at her mother's political parties, that she has an intimidating laugh that worries men, and that she is Gansey's older sister. I think it would be really interesting to see some of the magic and strangeness of the TRC canon through her eyes because she is so robustly practical and untouchable. 

In terms of ships, I like Blue/Gansey, past Adam/Blue, Adam/Ronan, and I also have a special place in my heart for Orla/Helen and Helen/Declan. However I am very happy with Helen-gen for this as well and would love to see the TRC OT4/5 through her eyes (can she see Noah? Up to you!). 

Please no Kavinsky, outside of the specific prompt including him.

Optional prompts:

  • Helen's POV during Mrs Gansey's campaign dinner, when Gansey and Adam are a hot mess in suits. This is one of the times where magic really clearly impacts on the wider world and also where Gansey and Adam are both clearly A Mess, and I think it would be interesting to see what Helen does and doesn't notice and what she thinks.
  • The first time Helen meets Ronan Lynch. Or, in fact, any time Helen hangs out with Ronan and Gansey - perhaps even after the recent addition of Adam to their group. I would love to see an outsider POV of the slowly evolving dynamics of that group, especially as Pynch slowly develops.
  • Helen and Gansey spending sibling time together. I wonder what it was like for her when Gansey nearly died, and what it's like for her now that her brother is on this strange obsessive quest.
  • Helen meeting the women of 300 Fox Way. Would they get along? What would the cards say about her?
  • Helen encountering Kavinsky. As one of my lovely fandom friends said, "Helen Gansey would eat Kavinsky for breakfast. She would have no time for his adolescent bullshit. She wouldn't even need to wipe her mouth with a napkin afterward she'd do it so regally." This is 100% what I want, Helen Gansey's terrifying cool calm collectedness totally annihilating Joseph Kavinsky. I don't want Kavinsky-bashing, but I absolutely do not want Kavinsky-apologism either - he is a toxic, unhealthy, terrible member of humanity and I think that Helen would be exactly as unimpressed about that as he deserves.
  • Helen meeting Declan at some political event and either (gen) considering the differences in the Lynch boys since she first met them when Niall was still alive or (shippy) taking him the hell apart in the bedroom. Not in a Hannibal way, but you just know she's going to be that crisp, clean, dommy person that Declan so badly needs in his life so that he can stop being a sack of dicks that hurts my heart when I think about how lonely he must be.


Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater

Characters requested: Puck Connolly, Sean Kendrick

Stories about tiny islands with strange traditions revolving around carnivorous horses are my jam, apparently. I loved Puck's grim determination to participate in the races and her courage in the face of opposition, and I also loved Sean Kendrick's bond with Corr and his poor social skills and his magic. I really like the fact that Kendrick and Puck clearly fall in the kind of love that leads to marriage and babies and horse farms full of capaill uisce. I would particularly love future fic for this book, at any point after the events in the story - Sean working with Corr and his injured leg, or Sean and Puck working out their own horse business, or the first time one of their children rides in the Scorpio Races. I am sort of assuming that if you nominated both of these babies, you ship them too - but if for any reason you don't, please feel free to write Puck with her siblings, or Kendrick with his horses. I would be really happy with slice of life fic for this fandom, and if you found some way to work in rain and sea and Sean Kendrick and the capaill uisce and Puck Connolly's ability to drive a bargain I would be so terribly happy.

Optional prompts:

  • There's a storm and it washes a lot of capaill uisce up on the island. Kendrick and Puck help to round the horses up and keep the island safe. Perhaps they have now attained a sort of cosy legendariness around the island.
  • Kendrick with children omg. Lots of tiny little humans he has to teach to be safe around his carnivorous horses. Puck and Corr slowly forming an affinity because of their respective affinities with Sean Kendrick.
  • Outsider POV of Puck and Kendrick's relationship and what they're like with each other and their superb horse-riding abilities. I really really adored the bits in the book where we saw Kendrick from Puck's perspective and vice versa.
  • One of the eeriest scenes in the book for me was the storm, and Puck and her family fleeing the capaill uisce - I would love something that recaptures that spooky tension, the feeling of being chased by something magical and predatory and terrifying.
  • I would really love to see other fae creatures in the world of the Scorpio Races, and what it would be like for Puck and Sean encountering them. Perhaps they go to the mainland to buy new breeding stock or to sell some of their horses and they encounter something strange and new - either wonderfully magical and eerie, or actually a whole new brand of terrifying. Maybe they encounter someone from the sidhe, or one of the nastier fae, who are intrigued by how Puck and Sean bespell their capaill uisce.


Sorcerer to the Crown - Zen Cho

Characters requested: Any

This book is one of the books of my heart. It has so much that I love in it - women being uncowed by and dismissive of the patriarchal structures trying to keep them down, familiars, menstrual magic, magical boarding schools for girls, deft articulation of the casual institutionalised racism of white people, FAMILIARS... some of the things I would love to see explored in a fic would be Prunella and Zacharias' relationship after the book, more about the ladies magical boarding school, ANYTHING about the Janda Baik witches, or Damerell and Rollo. I would love to see fic about Prunella maneouvring her way through a very formal and political event with undertones of danger, giving her the opportunity to be the beautiful perfect bae that she is, or perhaps Prunella and Zacharias' first trip to see the witches of Janda Baik, or some prequel fic with Damerell, Rollo and Zacharias becoming friends, or a slice of life at the girls' boarding school and how life has changed now Prunella is Sorceress Royal. 

I am requesting Any characters, so I'm reluctant to pin down characters in my prompts - this is such a new fandom that I'm really interested to see what it produces, and I will really be happy with anything you write me if we matched on this. I feel the general bulk of my letter provides some information on things that I enjoy, so please feel free to weave that around any of the characters from the book and I will be so happy. <3

Optional prompts:

  • Prunella becoming Sorceress Royal has drawn the attention of various powerful creatures around the world, who all come to pay a visit and inspect this new magician and her familiars.
  • Character(s) of choice go to visit the witches of Janda Baik, or perhaps they come to visit England, to discuss a new political-magical relationship.
  • What do classes look like at Prunella's old boarding school now they're not all performing the Seven Shackles all the time? What kind of misadventures do students get up to? (I am a huge fan of Malory Towers, Chalet School, St. Clare's... feel free to be as boarding school tropey as you can with this!)
  • Prunella and/or Zacharias's childhoods
  • Damerell, Rollo and Zacharias as three magical bros - before, during, or after the book. Why are they friends? How do they hang out together? I feel like much of their friendship is Zacharias gently wrangling these two wayward cats.
  • What is everyday life like for a witch of Janda Baik?

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