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I got THREE (3!!!!!) gorgeous fics this Yuletide.

The Thousandth Fathom is a Spirited Away fic and is absolutely LOVELY. The author managed to make so many Ghibli and Miyazaki references that I was completely blown away. My family had to cope with me squeaking helplessly with delight as I read it.

I also got a Guilty Gear fic with UST!Sol/Ky, Like Your Halo's Lined With Mistletoe, which I loved. The author does a really nice job of showing the dynamic between them! Also I always always always want more Sol/Ky fic. *_* I got a gorgeous one a couple of years ago, Under Pressure, which was stunningly beautiful.

And someone finally wrote me a Dune fic!!! Amal features political weddings and intriguing and Ghanima/Leto, which is exactly what I've wanted to read ever since I finished reading the books. *__*

So basically, I'm really really really happy! And totally blown away. <3333

I haven't heard from my Yuletide recipient yet, though. :/ I really hope it's just 'cause they're having a gorgeous Christmas and haven't had time to check AO3 (I struggled to get time to read my gifts!) and not 'cause they hated the fic.
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I need to write my Yuletide letter!

I'm super-excited about my assignment, too. It's for something very new to me and the request is literally... the most perfect request I could have for this fandom. I need to start researching and planning.

EDIT: WROTE IT! I really am super-excited to see what my writer does. Just writing up all my requests made me excited all over again.
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Hello my lovely Yuletide Author!

I'm sorry that you've had to deal with this ridiculous placeholder since the assignments went out. I always struggle a bit with writing these letters because really, I will be tremendously happy with anything you give me. I love receiving presents. But I know that being vague is not terribly helpful to you, so I will do my best. Please feel free to email the mods with questions for me if you need more specificity.

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More generally, I like stories which combine everyday and mundane things with elements of the epic or extraordinary. I like elements stolen from myths and fairytales. I like families, blood or found.

Any rating is fine, from gen to filthy filthy porn, but I don't like non-con or humiliation. I do like examination of the power dynamics between characters. I don't like character-bashing or OOC.

I do hope I've given you enough to have fun with writing the story! <3 I promise you I will love whatever you do. Thank you so much!
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I am literally so sick of all the male characters in The Vampire Diaries. I was kind of coping through the first part of this season, but I just watched The Originals episode and... look at all the fucks I give!

I basically want my girls back. All the time. Even the Salvatores can go jump off a cliff for all I care.
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I wrote a story! Disarmed, a post Demon's Lexicon Nick/Mae fic. It's part of my resolution to try to write more this year.
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I finally managed to add an ending to my Yuletide fic. I uploaded it before the deadline but it wasn't totally completed (in my head) and I knew it needed something more. I'm not... totally sure about it? It feels like I got a little rambly at the end. I loved the prompt too much and when I am filled with love I just want to flail and splurge all over the place.

I'm so excited about my gift. I feel so lucky with every gift (and treat) I've had since I started signing up with Yuletide.
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I've snuck my Yuletide fic onto google docs so I can write it sneakily while at work. It's funny, because it's one of the most perfect prompts that I could've received and the moment I read it my heart did this happy little flip in my chest... and then I freaked myself out. I got stagefright, essentially. So I've had a document full of false starts for the past 2-3 weeks and I've been re-familiarising myself with the source in the hope of jogging something loose. That finally happened last night, and now I kinda know what I'm doing, and as usual it's right before the deadline.

I'm still really happy, though. The fandom I offered is one I've offered every year since I started Yuletide and the request I got was just... *_* It's a wonderful request. I read it and felt fuzzy and happy that I would get to write it.
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Hi Mystery Yuletide Writer!

First of all, thank you thank you thank you! I saw my request go out as a pinch hit and then saw that it had been claimed, which means that you are amazing and wonderful and I automatically love you for rescuing my Christmas. Thank you. You're an angel.

I am going to love whatever you write for me. I promise. I love getting presents.

Some of the things which I particularly love: good dialogue, everyday situations, flawed relationships which still work, power dynamics, strong women who are treated as strong, sibling relationships, girls who are friends with girls. I like any combination of these things. I like stories which examine people down to their details, I like relationships where the balance shifts sometimes. I'm not fussy about genre but I don't like OOC for the sake of humour or drama.

I don't like rape or character-bashing. I am fine with violence or sex as long as it's justified by the story. I would prefer that it not be XXX explicit.

Dear author )
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So for Yuletide I wrote Glee RPF for crazykookie, What Happens On Tour.... Despite being rather terrified about writing RPF, I actually really enjoyed doing it. I read a lot of Glee interviews for research...
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I received two completely gorgeous Howl's Moving Castle fics for Yuletide. My official gift, Four Castles Howl Built (& One He Had No Hand In), which is a stunning look at Howl's castle and at Howl and Calcifer. I love it to bits. The writer is eerily good at DWJ's style. <3 <3 <3

And then I got a Yuletide treat as well, In Which Sophie Again Explains Things to Howl, which features pregnant!Sophie! Oh, my heart. <3

Aside from Yuletide, Christmas has bequeathed me with a rice cooker, a PORTABLE rice cooker for my impending move, a ukelele, chocolate, earrings and a ton of books. A good Christmas, a very good Christmas indeed.
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Oh my word, oh my word, I have two gifts and I CANNOT SEE THEM YET!!!!! And we are not allowed to open meatworld presents because my mother is doing all her exercises and teeth-cleaning things FIRST!!!! I MIGHT EXPLODE!!!!!
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I am so excited about getting my Yuletide, it's literally making me bounce around the house. I am possibly more excited about getting my Yuletide than I am about any meatworld presents (POSSIBLY, I say, POSSIBLY). I love all the fandoms I requested SO MUCH and anything in ANY of them is going to make me so ludicrously happy I could dance. DANCE \o\ /o/ \o/

All my posts on this journal are Yuletide posts, oh dear. Must start using it more. But to continue the yuletide theme for now~ last year was the first year I ever did Yuletide and oh man I was so scared and I requested some near and dear fandoms and [personal profile] mikeneko wrote me possibly the. most. amazing Guilty Gear fic ever and I loved it so much. And so this year I am just terribly excited about it all. TERRIBLY EXCITED.

Outside of Yuletide- my walking boots bruised the top of my right foot whilst I was shopping. I am such a delicate little flower. x________________________x
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I finished my Yuletide fic and uploaded it literally on the deadline! I'm now going to spend the next day or so staring at it and touching the edit button with a faintly desperate gleam in my eye. I think I like it? What I don't know, though, is whether my recipient will like it, and that is the important thing.

When I was little, I used to buy my baby brother Christmas presents that I wanted. This is why he owns several of the Final Fantasy games.

But I don't do that anymore.

I'm also going to make a list of the pinch hits I would like to fill... no idea if any of that will actually get done, but last night I dreamed of how sad it would be to have no fic on Christmas day, so now I feel dutybound to do my best to avert that situation.
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Man, Yuletide is so kicking my ass right now. I guess this is what happens when you have a cold for ten days right before the deadline. Still, I like my concept. <3 I am huddled up on the sofa, by the Christmas tree, watching Fresh Meat. Good times. I'm just really hoping that my recipient likes it because I have never, ever written this fandom before and I'm finding it pretty fun so far.
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Hi, Mystery Yuletide 2011 Writer! If you drew me, let me just say first of all that I am so excited about whatever you decide to write me. <3 I love receiving gifts, and there's no such thing as a bad one.

Dear author )

If you are interested in looking at any of my own fic, I have very old stuff up at FF.Net and any new stuff goes up at my AO3 account.
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So for Yuletide I wrote Unnatural mother in the Sarah Rees Brennan - Demon's Lexicon fandom. It references the Demon's Covenant pretty heavily, particularly towards the end and the title itself is taken from something that Annabel says about her ex-husband.

I love Annabel so, so much, and I was so glad when Covenant made her more than an absentee mother. I was a little nervous about offering this fandom because I haven't done much fic writing for book!fandoms before. But [personal profile] oxymora's request was absolutely wonderful and so I am really glad that I did offer it.
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I received the most beautiful, satisfying Guilty Gear story for Yuletide. I snuck upstairs to read it whilst my brother was playing Red Dead Redemption downstairs. It has gorgeous characterisation and talking about the Jinki and sgfhfdhs Kliff is one of my favourite things upon the re-read.
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This is actually my first post in this journal, despite having had it for awhile now.

So, I signed up for Yuletide, because I've always wanted to before and before things have always got in the way.

First of all, if you're here, if you drew me in Yuletide 2010, let me just say that I will love whatever you have written for me. I love getting gifts, I love having things written for me, and fic makes me so terribly happy. You could write "X luv'd Y and they lived together happily eva after forevs boop boop" and I would probably still be pleased. :)

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