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Hello my lovely Yuletide author! I am so excited that you're going to be writing for me and rest assured I am going to love my gift. This letter is meant in the spirit of suggestions intended to inspire, so if you have an idea that doesn't match my specific interests exactly please feel free to go for it - I want you to enjoy the experience of writing for Yuletide and I will just be so excited to receive an awesome fic for one of these fandoms. <3

In general, I prefer fics written in third person and I don't mind whether it's past or present tense. I love character- and relationship-driven stories over plot-driven ones (not that I don't love a long and involved story, but I find the emotional beats in it a lot more satisfying than the intricacies of the plot) and for Yuletide I strongly prefer happy endings or at least hopeful/optimistic ones. I don't mind if you put the characters through hell first, but I need that to be resolved happily at the end and with enough length to enjoy the resolution. 

I am happy with any rating and I love both gen and shipfic. However, please don't break up existing canonical relationships or include non-canon pairings unless specifically requested. 

Some particular things I love in fic: banter, slow burn attraction, slice of life, found family, everyday and mundane themes combined with the extraordinary or magical, power dynamics with a positive impact on everyone involved, loyalty kink, elaborate descriptions of scenery, people being super competent at what they do (and other people being super into it *_*), enthusiastic and explicit consent, daemon AUs, soulbond AUs, university AUs with elements of the canon world.

Things I don't love: focus on character death (during or after), angst without happy endings, noncon, character bashing, humour fic, a/b/o, knotting, body piercing, misogynistic dirty talk, misogyny in m/m, characters described as "slutty" or "trash", humiliation kink, infidelity, descriptions of hipbones.

If you're hoping to do a little research beyond this letter on what I enjoy, you can find my previous Yuletide letters in this tag, my tropes meme results here and my kink meme results here. I'm laserae on Tumblr and Antediluvian on  AO3. 

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All fandom notes may contain spoilers. If you intend to read or watch any of them (and you totally should!), please be warned! I'm happy to copy a particular fandom into a separate post so you can read it without fear of accidentally seeing a spoiler for something else.


Hi my lovely Mystery Yuletide Writer!

First of all, I promise you that I am going to love my gift. I only ever request fandoms that I am deeply excited about, which means I am terribly easy to please because I am just so so delighted to be receiving fic for them. I hope that you also enjoy writing it, so while I have provided some details on the things that make me wiggle with joy, please do feel free to improvise if you have an excellent idea that you’re excited about writing and you think I will enjoy, even if I haven’t specifically asked for it. <3 However, I would prefer it if you didn’t include the things I’ve marked as DNWs.

In general, I prefer fics in third person and both past and present tense are fine. I don’t have any preferences for fic length - whatever you feel suits the story you want to tell. I am also very happy with the 5 things/5 times style of fic if you like doing that type of thing! I don’t mind a little bit of angsty heartpain in my fic, but as it is Yuletide I would like it to have a generally happy ending - whether outright happy resolution, bittersweet positivity, or just generally uplifting. Also please don’t feel obliged to include all the characters I’ve requested - it is fine to pick and choose as suits your ideas. But please don’t include non-canon ships outside of those I mention specifically under each fandom.

I love:
  • found families and families in general; friends being 100% there for each other, guarding each other, backing each other up, even if there are also issues and tension (ESPECIALLY if there are issues and tension)
  • stories which combine everyday and mundane themes with elements of the epic or extraordinary, and elements stolen from myths and fairytales
  • paranormal creatures or themes; eerie, spooky, scary scenes or themes - I'm currently listening to the Black Tapes podcast and this really embodies the sort of half-skeptical/half-accepting/scary shit as half true story and half urban legend I'd love woven in
  • pre-relationship, new relationship, established relationship, and flawed relationships which still work
  • first kisses/makeouts that don’t immediately lead to sex (either by accident or by design)
  • slice of life fics with pyjamas and domesticity, or snug scenes of cosy okayness in between high octane danger and misery (like being in bed in the middle of a storm)
  • sleeping themes like napping, sharing a bed, comforting each other after nightmares, weird sleeping habits etc
  • power dynamics between people - i have a big thing for loyalty kink, and for power shifts between people in a way that is positive for both
  • growing trust and intimacy between people and learning to read them through the tiny everyday minutiae of their lives
  • usually powerful characters being ill or injured and being tended by their friend/partner
  • character-driven stories with a veneer of plot
  • scenery porn (if you love describing things, feel free to give me long loving descriptions of the architecture and natural surroundings even if they are also unremarkable)
  • people being very competent (and other people being into it); people thinking at great length about other people - their hands, their collarbones, their infuriating habits, how tall, how small, how incredibly frustrating.

I don’t like: fic focusing on major character death (during or after); angst without happy endings; dubcon; character bashing; humour fics; a/b/o; knotting; body piercing; misogynistic dirty talk; humiliation kink; characters described as “slutty” or “trash”; cheating on each other; descriptions of hipbones.

I love shipfic, gen and porn and I really do love all three equally, so it is whatever floats your boat! It can be as explicit, non-explicit, or as non-existent as you like. <3 If you do go the porn route, I like enthusiastic consent and I don’t like Character A rushing B before B is ready even when they are consensually going to have sex shortly. If you’re stuck and would like further inspiration, my trope meme results are here and (*ahem*) my kink meme results are over here.

I prefer not to receive crossovers, but I do really love fusion fic if that is also your jam! By which I mean, transplanting characters from Fandom 1 (my Yuletide fandom) into the setting/plot of Fandom 2. I should be familiar with and enjoy the second fandom - I’ve got a list of my fandoms here - and I would love to see any of my Yuletide fandoms fused with them. I’m happy with transplanting characters from Fandom 1 into just the setting of Fandom 2, or actively setting them up in roles in the plot of Fandom 2. Feel free to tweak those roles from their original factory setting too - e.g. If Napoleon Solo is in the Harry Potter role at Hogwarts, his arc doesn’t necessarily have to follow Harry’s. However, what I don’t want is Napoleon Solo going to Hogwarts and meeting Harry Potter.

I also have a special place in my heart for certain AUs, though I like them to interlace the core elements of the original canon. Some AUs I particularly like: university, vampires (either a world with vampires, or one or more characters being vampires), spies, supernatural beings; royalty; sports team ESPECIALLY ROWING CREWS @_@<3

If you want to have a nosy around my online presence, I’m afraid it’s a bit sparse, but I’m antediluvian on AO3 and laserae on Tumblr.

On to the fandoms! I'm happy for other nominated characters to be included from tagsets where I've requested a specific set, as well as any core canon characters who weren't nominated. 

The Demon's Lexicon )
Jupiter Ascending )
Man from U.N.C.L.E )
The Raven Cycle )
Scorpio Races )
Sorcerer to the Crown )

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As I write this letter, I can see my assignment has already gone out as a pinch hit - so thank you thank you thank you, whoever claims it! <3 I can basically guarantee you I will be happy with anything you write me. I am the most gluttonous consumer of fics.

And I am notoriously bad at writing letters, forgive me.

Fandom by fandom, but in no particular order...

The Demon's Lexicon )

The Lynburn Legacy )

October Daye )

The Walking Dead )

Howl series )

Orange Is The New Black )

More generally, and taken from last year's letter:
I like stories which combine everyday and mundane things with elements of the epic or extraordinary. I like elements stolen from myths and fairytales. I like families, blood or found. I love everyday fics, with pyjamas and domesticity. I love magic in daily life.

Any rating is fine, from gen to filthy filthy porn, but I don't like non-con or humiliation. I do like examination of the power dynamics between characters. I don't like character-bashing or OOC.
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Hello my lovely Yuletide Author!

I'm sorry that you've had to deal with this ridiculous placeholder since the assignments went out. I always struggle a bit with writing these letters because really, I will be tremendously happy with anything you give me. I love receiving presents. But I know that being vague is not terribly helpful to you, so I will do my best. Please feel free to email the mods with questions for me if you need more specificity.

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More generally, I like stories which combine everyday and mundane things with elements of the epic or extraordinary. I like elements stolen from myths and fairytales. I like families, blood or found.

Any rating is fine, from gen to filthy filthy porn, but I don't like non-con or humiliation. I do like examination of the power dynamics between characters. I don't like character-bashing or OOC.

I do hope I've given you enough to have fun with writing the story! <3 I promise you I will love whatever you do. Thank you so much!
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Hi Mystery Yuletide Writer!

First of all, thank you thank you thank you! I saw my request go out as a pinch hit and then saw that it had been claimed, which means that you are amazing and wonderful and I automatically love you for rescuing my Christmas. Thank you. You're an angel.

I am going to love whatever you write for me. I promise. I love getting presents.

Some of the things which I particularly love: good dialogue, everyday situations, flawed relationships which still work, power dynamics, strong women who are treated as strong, sibling relationships, girls who are friends with girls. I like any combination of these things. I like stories which examine people down to their details, I like relationships where the balance shifts sometimes. I'm not fussy about genre but I don't like OOC for the sake of humour or drama.

I don't like rape or character-bashing. I am fine with violence or sex as long as it's justified by the story. I would prefer that it not be XXX explicit.

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Hi, Mystery Yuletide 2011 Writer! If you drew me, let me just say first of all that I am so excited about whatever you decide to write me. <3 I love receiving gifts, and there's no such thing as a bad one.

Dear author )

If you are interested in looking at any of my own fic, I have very old stuff up at FF.Net and any new stuff goes up at my AO3 account.
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This is actually my first post in this journal, despite having had it for awhile now.

So, I signed up for Yuletide, because I've always wanted to before and before things have always got in the way.

First of all, if you're here, if you drew me in Yuletide 2010, let me just say that I will love whatever you have written for me. I love getting gifts, I love having things written for me, and fic makes me so terribly happy. You could write "X luv'd Y and they lived together happily eva after forevs boop boop" and I would probably still be pleased. :)

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