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New job continues to be lovely. My brain is starting to find space and time to fit stuff in around it again, which is nice - I started writing fic on the train, hunched over my laptop, screen tilted at an obscene angle so that even I could barely read it. I hate screen-peerers.

I'm trying to motivate myself to watch the new season of Teen Wolf but just... can't quite manage it. I'm super excited for Arden Cho having more screentime but still feeling very meh about Allison's death. I'm leery of it becoming a boys' club the way Supernatural did (well, arguably SPN always was boys' club so...). I feel like the stuff that interests me and the stuff that interests Jeff Bridges might be diverging quite a lot...

In any case, not watching the new season currently serves a purpose as I'm writing fic which takes place at the end of the last one.

From this season I would like a lot more Lydia and Kira screentime. Malia too. I would like all of them to receive, at some point, their own independent plot lines as Stiles did with the nogitsune. With Lydia especially I'm starting to feel as though she's a support character for Stiles and with both Lydia and Kira I feel like the banshee and kitsune things have so much interesting potential and I'm not sure if the show is going to go anywhere with it.

(I basically never trust shows to have sufficient interest in their female characters and plot lines, thanks to SPN, Vampire Diaries, etc etc)
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I just finished watching Teen Wolf sx23 and I'm so angry. I was spoilered for the big dramatic thing at the end but that doesn't stop me being pretty furious about it. I'm going to cut, here, just in case I spoil someone but Read more... )

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